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Scholarships and Promotions , Accommodation in Australia & Cost of living in Australia

We help you to be recognized as a professional in Australia. The qualifications you obtained in your country may be valid in Australia. We handle all the process and soon you will be able to explore job opportunities in Australia with the right qualifications.


Scholarships and Promotions

Migrant Educational and Employment Solutions permanently publishes the promotions and scholarships that offer the Australian institutions to Latin-American students. You must be attentive to the information that we publish on this matter to find the one that more approaches your possibilities and needs.

The Universities in Australia had established a new scholarships scheme for international students commencing their studies in Australia, the International Undergraduate Scholarships Scheme. This scheme will enable a larger number of high- achieving students to receive a scholarship to partly fund their studies at the Universities. It replaces the previous scholarship schemes offered for International Undergraduate, Honours, study abroad and Postgraduate coursework students

Accomodation in Australia

Australia is a country that receives annually students from more than 80 countries around the world. Therefore, there are a wide variety of accommodation options for international students and in many occasions the institutions to help them find the best option. These options are most communes for your stay in Australia:

1.- Homestay.

The student has a single room furnished, sometimes with bathroom. The rest of services must be shared with the family. Average cost per week: AU $ 200- 280- Includes services.

2.- University Residences

University residences have the advantage of being within or near the university, thus they are a very appropriate choice for students who recently arrived, who don’t know the town. They are excellent for creating links with other international students thanks to the many cultural and social activities that take place.

Average cost per week. AUD $ 80-250.

3.- Hotels (Backpackers)

There are temporary accommodations that offer excellent options at an economic price. Some of them demand membrecĂ­a and a reservation for anticipated. Also, depending on the room demand, they can allow maximum stays one week. The rooms are shared and the bath, kitchen and laundry are common areas. Average cost in night: AUD $ 15-40. It does not include feeding.

4.- Apartments or houses: It is the most usual option for students who already take some time living in an Australian city. Along with other students, they look for houses or independent apartments to rent, obtaining so a major independence. Average cost per week AUD 250 – 400.

Cost of living in Australia
Item Cost ($AUD)
Rent+ $120-385
Food $90-130
Electricity, gas^ $35-55
Transport $20-35
Telephone, postage $15-40
Other (clothes, entertainment, etc) $50+
Total $330-695

Accomodation costs can vary significantly bases on location, type and arrangement. For example, centrally- located accommodation generally costs more than in outer suburbs, similarly, students can lower their accommodation costs by sharing with other students, the lower end of the price range shown is mostly shared accommodation.

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